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fintract extracts data from financial documents and creates freedom by means of flexible pricing and simple integration.

Why fintract?

After a brief warm-up, our algorithm trains and self-improves of its own accord. Choose from the already available financial documents in a vast portfolio, or work with us to introduce new document types.


fintract speaks numerous languages and recognizes these automatically

Highest Precision

Our fintract algorithm enables above-average recognition rates

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The extracted data will be available to you straight away

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Choose from invoices, account- & credit card statements, trade register excerpts, payroll statements, identification documents, remittance advice notes, or security clearings, and convince yourself.

 "language": "en",
 "type": "invoice",
 "invoice_number": "W61XXXX88XX6",
 "invoice_date": "2017-01-09",
 "invoice_due_date": "",
 "currency": "USD",
 "sub_total": 428,
 "total": 451.06,
 "taxes": [5],
    "tax_amounts": [],
    "customer_number": "900",
    "supplier_name": "Apple",
    "supplier_key": "APPLE",
    "supplier_details": {
        "street": "1 Apple Park Way",
        "zip": "CA 95014",
        "city": "Cupertino",
        "country": "United States"
    "receiver": {
        "name": "John Doe",
        "street": "2 Moon Rock Lane",
        "zip": "",
        "city": "Gloubester",
        "country": "United States"
    "vat_id_numbers": [],
    "email_addresses": [],
    "local_tax_numbers": [],
    "phone_numbers": [],
    "payment_method": "cc",
    "payment_details": {
        "paid_status": "AUTOMATED",
        "cash_discount_value": "",
        "cash_discount_date": "",
        "purpose_of_usage": "",
        "iban": [],
        "sepa_creditor_id": "",
        "sepa_iban_debtor": [],
        "sepa_iban_creditor": [],
        "account_number": "",
        "account_holder_name": "",
        "sepa_mandate_reference": "",
        "bic": "",
        "bank_name": "",
        "bank_address": ""
    "line_items": [
            "quantity": 1,
            "description": "APPLE WATCH S2 38MM YG AL CONCR SP-USA\nSerial No .:( FHLXX6C3XXXX9 )",
            "tax_percentage": 5,
            "unit_net_price": 369,
            "unit_gross_price": 387.45,
            "total_net": 369,
            "tax_amount": 18.45,
            "total_gross": 387.45
            "quantity": 1,
            "description": "AppleCare+for Apple Watch and Apple Watch\nNike+",
            "tax_percentage": 5,
            "unit_net_price": 49,
            "unit_gross_price": 51.45,
            "total_net": 49,
            "tax_amount": 2.45,
            "total_gross": 51.45
            "quantity": 1,
            "description": "SHIPPING FEE FOR AOS",
            "tax_percentage": 5,
            "unit_net_price": 10,
            "unit_gross_price": 10.5,
            "total_net": 10,
            "tax_amount": 0.5,
            "total_gross": 10.5
    "template_uid": 2
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