Remittance Slip

OCR API for remittance slips

Remittance Slip

Taking a picture of the remittance slip and fintract enables you to start the credit transfer:

  • Payee Name
  • Payee IBAN
  • Payee BIC
  • Amount
  • Customer reference number
  • Usage of payment
  • Account holder Name
  • Account holder IBAN


Document Types

Invoices and receipts

fintract automatically extracts up to 50 different kinds of invoice information from your documents.

Account and credit card statements

Use our algorithm to reliably extract financial information from account- and credit card statements.

Register excerpts

fintract extracts all relevant data from Trade Register and Transparency Register documents.


Gross & net salary, health insurance are just some of the data that fintract extracts from payrolls.

Payment Advices

fintract extracts the data required for the automated booking of payment advices.

Open Item Lists

All the data needed for the automatic processing of outstanding positions can be extracted by fintract

Remittance Slips

Simply take a picture of the form, and fintract will provide the data for the transfer execution.

Security Settlements

With fintract, you’ll receive data from security and bond transactions such as ISIN, exchange and Valuta.

Identity Cards

fintract extracts all relevant data from identification documents to automate your KYC processes.

Corona Tests

fintract extracts the relevant data from Corona tests to process the data directly in your system.

Corona Vaccination

fintract extracts the relevant data from Corona vaccination certificates to process the data directly in your system.


What our customers say about fintract

ECM online
Daniel Huhn
Geschäftsführer /

As a provider of cloud-based DMS solutions, we have integrated fintract into our service for automated indexing of invoices. This enables our customers to find invoices by company name, date or number in the shortest possible time.