Online OCR API


fintract is a highly flexible OCR solution that
adapts to your requirements.


  • It extracts data from various standard document types. It offers, for instance, an invoice OCR and a solution for remittance advices. The working principle is simple: You send us the documents using the interface and receive the extracted data.
  • Together with you we develop your individual solution – a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) for your documents. When training the AI, we take you by the hand: No matter what kind of document it is – you send it to us via an interface, we then collect the data and return it after a short processing time. The recorded data is stored in our machine learning database, so that our service uses machine learning to identify relationships in unstructured data and develop into a real AI. After some time, which depends on the complexity of the documents, the AI ​​reads the data independently and only the control is done manually.


fintract stands out for
the following qualities:

Easy Integration via REST API

Use our REST API with easy authentication
via API Key.

Faster Processing Time

The extracted data will be available to you
straight away

Highest Precision

Our algorithms enables above-average
recognition rates


fintract speaks numerous languages and recognizes
these automatically


What our customers say about fintract

ECM online
Daniel Huhn
Geschäftsführer /

As a provider of cloud-based DMS solutions, we have integrated fintract into our service for automated indexing of invoices. This enables our customers to find invoices by company name, date or number in the shortest possible time.