OCR API solutions


fintract offers individual solutions for the most diverse requirements, applications and target groups:

Medium-sized and Large Companies

Extract information from documents and process it within your software

Banks and

Retrieve and classify documents automatically, assign them to the respective processing steps and extract the data

Software Providers and Developers

Our solution extracts information and provides it in JSON

For Medium-sized and Large Companies

All information automatically in the correct application

Especially medium-sized and large companies have to handle numerous documents efficiently. Contract management, HR or Backoffice – an abundance of different documents accrues in the diverse departments every day. The challenge is always the same: the information contained in those documents has to be available where it is needed as promptly as possible – this could be in a different department or even across different sites or companies; when service providers are cooperating, for example. Errors caused by manual transfer compromise all related procedures, when the whole process should use a minimum of resources.

The advantages:

  • There is no need for manual recording and transmitting of data.
  • The information is available where it is needed as soon as possible. This results in faster processing – for instance, when paying invoices, which means benefiting from discount deductions.
  • Your employees have more time for their primary tasks.

For Banks & Insurances

Better processes and valuable insights

Insurance policies, notifications of change by email, fax or post, identity checks, trade register excerpts and other documents for compliance- and know-your-customer checks – banks and insurances struggle daily with numerous documents that reach them in a variety of ways. They all have to be processed quickly and efficiently. It is down to providing information exactly where it is needed.

Here our solutions can help. They do more than just automatically retrieving specific documents like trade register excerpts and making them available to your application – they also support classification. Whether you are tidying up your document count or want to organize your incoming mail – our Classify API recognizes by the content of a document what type it is and allocates it to the specified processing chains. You will profit from structured storage.

Depending on the purpose of those, you will benefit from:

  • Improved processes
  • Valuable insights through added value you offer your customers, for instance by helping them to organize their documents

For Software Providers & Developers

More value for your customers and commission for yourself

You want to offer your customer more value by providing a solution that reliably extracts information from documents to be used in other applications? Well, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.
We will help you. With fintract, we offer you different standard solutions that read information and make it available to other applications in JSON. The support of all common programming languages makes sure, that you remain flexible regarding integrations.
Become our partner, set our solution up for your customers, and secure your commission!

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What our customers say about fintract

ECM online
Daniel Huhn
Geschäftsführer /

As a provider of cloud-based DMS solutions, we have integrated fintract into our service for automated indexing of invoices. This enables our customers to find invoices by company name, date or number in the shortest possible time.